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Our exclusive collection with integrated solar panels and your choice of a solid color base.

Flower Power™ recommends registering for a minimum of three turbines for maximum efficiency. When our turbines are placed together, they make each other perform up to 228% better.


These wind turbines with 1-meter tulip shaped blades adds an artistic touch to climate change awareness (battery and lighting to be handled by your own contractor). They include custom artwork by well-known artist Dennis Mathewson printed on the turbine. These wind turbines each have solar power on the base. Re-coating advised every 7 years in most cases.

Flower Power™ | Dennis Mathewson Collection

    • Choice of blade color and a custom Dennis Mathewson design
    • Choice of base color
    • Concierge service
    • Assistance up to 5 hours in coloring and placing your bouquet from an artist
    • Generators and charge controllers; your local contractor provides batteries, inverters, LED lighting
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