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At Flower Power™, our commitment to halting climate change drives us to invest in the education of our children and young adults. We firmly believe that raising awareness about the urgency for action is crucial, and that's why we prioritize empowering the younger generation through educational initiatives. Our educational program will recognize that learning surpasses mere knowledge acquisition and encompasses a comprehensive approach. Flower Power’s™ goals envision more than just intellectual growth; we also strive to cultivate the holistic development and well-being of our diverse planet.

Stay tuned for the following projects:

* A university level climate change awareness curriculum.

* A series of informative public service announcement videos for children featuring our very own tulip characters Blossom and Bloom.

* A global competition is being organized with the aim of educating schools about their carbon footprint and instilling the motivation to reduce it. The school that achieves the greatest reduction of their carbon footprint will be awarded an exciting prize: a Flower Power™ Turbine worth $50,000!


Onboarding New Artists:

Flower Power™ strives to collaborate with a diverse group of artists from different backgrounds and artistic styles. We selectively choose our artists for their unwavering dedication to the climate change movement.

* Flower Power™ seeks to enlist indigenous artists due to their remarkable legacy as guardians of our natural habitats, positioning them as dedicated advocates in the fight against climate change.

* Flower Power™ embraces the idea of art's universality by actively collaborating with special needs artists, as it firmly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to express their creativity and contribute to the diverse tapestry of artistic expression.

MPA Initiative:

* Marine Protected Areas play a crucial role in preserving marine biodiversity. For example, seagrass meadows, mangroves and kelp forests remarkably capture carbon, exceeding even tropical rainforests, while coral reefs protect coastlines from storms and erosion. Flower Power™ as a global symbol, will mark these MPA’s and bring awareness to the devastating effects that climate change has on our oceans. In addition, we will actively advocate to ensure and expand MPA’s worldwide.

LPA Initiative:

* Our instantly recognizable turbines are displayed at Land Protected Areas, nature reserves and habitats for endangered species. We strive to raise consciousness about the alarming repercussions of climate change on our land ecosystems and we pledge to plant trees for every turbine sold.

Charitable Programs:

* Flower Power™ will be holding an art auction with a selection of our talented artists. This event will provide aid to survivors of the recent devastating fires in Lahaina, Hawaii.


* Flower Power™ welcomes collaborations with like-minded organizations who qualify as green energy advocates or wildlife conservationists. Please reach out to us at


* Flower Power™ will be hosting a remarkable awards ceremony, shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes of our communities who have courageously battled climate change. This event will aim to not only acknowledge their invaluable efforts but also thrust them into the forefront of society, transforming them into influential role models. By honoring these climate change warriors, we will seek to inspire others to follow in their footsteps and create a collective force for positive environmental change.



Flower Power™ will be introducing an array of eco-friendly, responsibly manufactured merchandise, to include: Perfume & Cologne, Ocean Guardian Captain Hat, Flower Power logo Lapel Pin, Cufflinks, and Limited Edition Coin. All net proceeds will go to established climate change organizations.


* In the future, the Flower Power™ Movement strives to extend beyond addressing climate change alone. We recognize the multitude of pressing issues society faces. Our aim is to wholeheartedly embrace diverse movements and not limit our focus solely to climate change. Flower Power™ is committed to becoming warriors in tackling various social issues, alongside our dedicated efforts in fighting climate change.

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