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As an eco-conscious entity, Flower Power is deeply rooted in the noble aspirations of the 1960s flower power environmental activists' movement that still keenly reverberates today.

Our exquisite tulip-shaped wind turbines amalgamate the outstanding beauty of kinetic art, renewable energy, and our hopes and dreams for future generations to flourish on a healthy earth.

These elegant wind turbines are finely adorned with spectacular ethical artwork created by eco-conscious celebrities and artists.


All custom designs are created to evoke the artist’s profound reverence and passion for the beauty and wonders of the natural world that we often take for granted in our fast-paced lives.


Our renowned and award-winning artists have joined the global Flower Power movement because they recognize the urgency of addressing climate change.

Climate change is a dire existential threat to our delicate ecosystems and declining wildlife and must be eradicated at all costs.

Flower Power aims to magnify the visibility of sustainability worldwide by expanding our network of collaborations with visionaries, thought leaders, creatives, and nature lovers alike who are passionate about safeguarding our planet for all our children.

These wind turbines are remarkable examples of environmentally inspired art that aim to showcase the spectacular beauty of this pale blue dot we all call home.


Flower Power™ is the energy that propels the largest whale through the deepest ocean, that pushes the trees to the sky, that lives in the earth, water, and wind. It lives in us! It's time to connect the dots and realize that humans, plants, animals and the earth are all united.


LAND •••••• Our global symbol is displayed at protected habitats for endangered species

WATER •••• Elegantly fluid artwork mark marine-protected beaches that save our coral reefs

AIR ••••••••• Instantly recognizable turbines reduce the planet's carbon footprint

PEOPLE ••• These iconic creations adorn landscapes, generating climate change awareness



Our founder, born during the baby boomer generation of the 1950s, actively embraced the Flower Power Movement during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Flower Power wind turbines are intended to be thought-provoking art installations that spark debate, and will usher in a new era of exponential change in the international climate change movement.

Flower Power's turbines have become instantly recognizable, aesthetically pleasing landmarks in wildlife sanctuaries that protect endangered species facing near extinction.

Inherently, Flower Power’s turbines embody nature and safeguard all of Earth’s unique and rapidly endangered fauna and flora.


Crafted from recyclable materials, eco-friendly Flower Power wind turbines are finely constructed using sustainable designs that seamlessly blend in with their natural environment. Ultimately, Flower Power’s designs aim at providing illumination with clean and renewable energy. 


Like the beautiful unfurling flower petals of spring, these blooming tulip-inspired turbines are designed for the most discerning, ethical, and sophisticated fine art and beauty connoisseurs.

Flower Power turbines have played a pivotal role in nature conservation as global symbols highlighting the vulnerability of our endangered coastlines and rapidly declining coral reefs.

Our sublime wind turbines are a profound reminder of our species’ collective duty of care to nurture and protect our planet. It is a call to action that can no longer be ignored.


The baby boomer’s plea for “peace and love” echo louder than ever before, and it’s up to the new generation to champion those causes and light the way to a sustainable and thriving planet.

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